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Bombardier ImplementsTrackSafe at MARTA

On December 6th 2012, Bombardier demonstrated its innovative TrackSafe system to APTAís safety committee at the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority. Members of the American Public Transportation Associationís Rail Safety Committee and MARTAís management team attended the demonstration of the pilot TrackSafe deployment between Ashby and Bankhead Stationís. Attendees had the opportunity to interact with the deployed system in a real operational environment and experience the benefits of advanced warning to Track Workers and Train Operators as well as the Central Control Center display system.
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TrackSafe - Automating Alerts to Reduce the Hazards of Track Inspection and Repair

Since the advent of subway operations, the task of inspecting and maintaining track, signals and related wayside infrastructure has been essential to moving millions of people every day. It has also been one of the most hazardous jobs in our industry. TrackSafe was developed to reduce these hazards and provide an additional layer of protection by providing highly relevant alerts to track workers and train operators in real time. This video illustrates how TrackSafe works.

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TrackSafe Revealed!

On the 13th July, Bombardier unveiled its innovative TrackSafe technology at a demonstration at its test track facility in Kingston, Ontario. More than 40 potential customers and interested transit industry professionals spent the day experiencing the technology at first hand.

The demonstration featured the use of Station Level units to communicate vital information to Transit Control as well as Track Level units to update Roadway Track Worker positions.

The configurable moving zone of increased location awareness was demonstrated using highly effective visual and audible alerts from both the Train Operator and Track Worker prospective.

Of the many features of the product, one that will be certain to be appreciated by Track Workers is the lightweight, battery free RFID tags, which are the only additional equipment they must carry.

What is a Smart Railroad?

Welcome to smartrailroad - the home of Bombardier's Technology Solutions team. The goal behind smartrailroad is simply to be your home base for innovation in running a smarter railroad. What is a smart railroad? It is a safer, leaner, cost-effective railroad that moves more people with the resources that you already possess.

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Protecting Track Workers

Since the advent of Subway operations, the integrity of track, signals and related wayside infrastructure has been essential in providing safe transit service to millions of passengers every day. It has also been one of the most hazardous jobs in our industry.

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Smart Design has just arrived at the Subway Station

Have you ever waited for a subway in a museum? Or been in a station that looks like a palace? Or a space ship? Take a trip with us to visit the world's most unique and impressive subway stations. You just might wish for a train delay to spend more time in these remarkable environments.

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The Future of Learning is Now

How technology will change learning in the next 5 years

From PDAs to tablet PCs to Twitter and back to the Training Department...feeling a little ill-equipped to use new technologies and enhance your Learning and Development initiatives? Just wait for the changes that the next five years will bring. This report, by the New Media Consortium, provides a glimpse into what your new employees will expect in advancing their careers, and how you can transform learning at your transit authority. To read a summary of the report addressing this specific area, click here.